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Business Conditions 2018 Hengsthaltung Ingo Pape 



Breeders, who will have inseminated a mare, do agree the following conditions: For the insemination / covering a swab-test is necessary, taken as short as possible before the ovulation. Excluded from this test are mares with a foal at foot and normally proceeding birth. The insemination only takes place after prior veterinary follicle-control and testing at the stallion. It is at the discretion of the stallion-holder to induce veterinary examinations and treatments during the course of the mare's cycle to the expenses of the mare owner.

Covering season starts on February 1st, 2018 and will end July 31st, 2018.

If a stallion should not be available for particular reasons (illness, competitions) for a short time during the covering season frozen semen (if available) or on request another stallion of our station can be used. There is no right for repayment of the stud fee. Handing out the breeding voucher at the breeder only takes place after paying the stud fee. Stud fee and board charges include the German VAT. Furthermore are valid the general regulations of the Hanoverian Club of private stallion holders (Verein Hannoverscher Privathengsthalter e.V.), that are posted on our station. The stud fee does include 7% VAT. Board charge for mares without a foal is € 10. -/day, for mares with foal at foot it is € 12. -/day. Board charge incl. 19% VAT. Jurisdiction is the residence of the stallion holder.


In urgent cases, the stud is to be reached under

Phone +49 171 - 506 19 89

Responsible for our insemination center is: Sarah Mojen 


Special Conditions
Mares remained empty on our station in the previous year receive a breeding discount of 50% on the current stud fee. Mares who have remained empty on other stations, receive 30% discount on the current stud fee. Mares who have been inseminated after June 15, 2012 and did not become in foal, are free and do not have to pay a stud fee in 2013. These conditions do not apply to Quasar de Charry. 

With insemination of several mares on our station, we grant a discount of € 250. - on the stud fee from the 3. inseminated mare. This is not applied to a mare, which was already granted discounts for other reasons. In 2013 we give a discount of 3 % on regular prices for payments within 8 days.   


Visits are possible on Saturdays between 10.00 a.m. and 12.00 o'clock after prior telephone call. Stall pause is from 12.00 o'clock until 2.00 p.m. A DVD of our stallions is available on request.

Semen shipping
Orders have to take place until 10.00 a.m. German time, phone: +49 4771-2384     fax: +49 4771- 2465

The shipping takes place through a carrier and is to pay separately by the breeder. Please ask for our cooperation studs. The transportation risk of the semen becomes the property of the breeder at the time of leaving our stud. If semen shipping is requested, the stud fee has to be paid in advance to the


 Account 300 3311 000
 Routing No. 241 910 15     Bank: Volksbank Stade-Cuxhaven
 IBAN: DE 17 2419 1015 3003 3110 00.


Frozen Semen
With the purchase of frozen semen, you receive 3 insemination dozes for paying the stud fee. For it you get one breeding voucher. If further mares are inseminated, with whom a pregnancy is determined later, we put another stud fee in bill.


We as stallion holder are liable only for damages, that have been caused roughly carelessly by us or one of our fulfilment assistants. This liability restriction includes all damages, that can originate during lingering of the mares on our station and testing them at the stallions. We are not liable for damages that have been caused by thirds. To cover the risk from the animal holder- and animal guardian liability (§§ 833, 834 German BGB), the owner has to complete a liability insurance.



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