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updated December 10, 2009



December 09, 2009 - Licensed

Our 2-y old stallion by Dancier - Donnerhall - Pik Bube was licensed today in Verden.

Dagostini   will be at stud and availible in 2010 via fresh semen. 



November 27, 2009 - Breeding values


San Remo is ranked in 2009 on place no. 17 with the German FN-Breeding values. With his dressage index from 158 points and a security of 87 % he belongs to the top 1 % of the German Dressage Sires. This outstanding result is based on his very successful offsprings.




November 17, 2009


Fabregas could finish today his 70 day performance test in Adelheidsdorf as reserve winner of the Dressage part with 134,27 points. We are pleased about this good result and are waiting on his first foals.





September 19, 2009


Fiorano is sire of the 2nd most expensive foal at the auction in Munich. The liver bay colt out of a Show Star - Silvio mare was sold to a Grand Prix rider. Our congratulations are going Kerstin Feister in Freising!



September 8, 2009


Our 4 y old black stallion by San Remo - Velten Third was registered in the stllions book with the name "Sacramento". Fabregas and Sacramento leaved today our stable. The will stay in Adelheidsdorf for the next 2,5 months, to pass their 70 day performance test.






July 26 - Rastede


Baroncelli was victorious in Intermediaire II and achieved place 6 in the Grand Prix. Cayenne won the St. Georges.






June 26, 2009


Our congratulation are going to Ingrid Madersbacher in Tirol, Austria for this Scolari colt. 




June 22, 2009


During the last weeks, San Remo offsprings were very successful in competitions and could collect several ribbons. In Nörten-Hardenberg Scarastro by San Remo and Dr. Heide Hartwig were the proud winner of the Reitpferde Siegerpreis for 3 year old riding horses -  Bezirksverband Hannoverscher Warmblutzüchter Braunschweig. Winner of the Siegerpreis for 3 year old riding horses in Sandbostel was Santorini by San Remo under Stefan Blanken. Baroncelli won the Grand Prix in Zierow.






June 19, 2009



Mare performance test Ihlienworth



Offsprings by our stallions were very successful and they convinced with highest rideability and very good basic gaits. Our congratulations are going to Mr. Detlef Jark for his mare by Riverside, scored with trot 8.5 – canter 8.0 – walk 9.0. Congratulations also to the Schirrmacher family for their mare by Rousseau out of a state prime mare by Frappant. She received 8.0 for her very good canter. Our own Rousseau mare out of Melodie received 8.5 for her trot. (Photos by Ph. v. Thaden)






Rousseau out of StPr by Frappant


Riverside - Wolkenstein II


Rousseau out of Melodie





June 14, 2009 - Stunning show winners by Scolari


Scolari confirmed this year what he promised last year. He placed 5 winners in shows at the Hadelner - Kehdinger foal days and in Göttingen. In Dobrock out of the breeding of Klaus Klüver - Lamstedt the winner colt out of a Rotspon mare, in Freiburg the winner colt out of a His Highness mare, dam line of Riccione, breeder Ehlers and both winners on our oqn foal show. The results from Göttingen will be completed later.







Colt by Scolari - His Highness


Colt by Scolari - Rotspon


Colt by Scolari - Donnerhall




May 13, 2009

Our congratulations to Sandra und Ulrich Schoppe in Selm for this black San Remo colt out of a Regazzoni - Nebelhorn mare.




May 10, 2009

Meppen - Harmony’s Baroncelli reached in Meppen at the Dressage Gala an outstanding 5. place. He could top this result in Grand Prix Special an was no. 4. Cayenne won her first St. Georges. All results on 

Sporthaus Verden






April 23, 2009


Our 4 y old stallion by San Remo - Velten Third - Argument/T., breeder Johann Kuever, Lamstedt, was licensed today in Verden. The still nameless youngster will be trained by us. 









April 22, 2009

Our congratulations to Martina Kamp, Jork   for this beautiful Scolari filly out of a Welser-Matrose mare.




March 25, 2009


Davignon foals mostly are very beautiful out of blood shaped mare. Here a filly out of a Trakehner mare by Amatcho/T.-Vers II/T., Breeder Dr. Christina Beuke. Lilienthal.





March 2, 2009


Our Stallions Show on ClipMyHorse joined 10.615 visitors over the whole world. This is an increase about 887 % to 2008. In a few days our show will be published in the mediacenter of ClipMyHorse.








February 17, 2009

Crongratulations to Dr. Christina Beuke for these beautiful fillies by Scolari.




Filly by Scolari out of Vision/T. by Tuareg/T.


Filly by Scolari out Etiara by Earl




February 7, 2009



New videos are availible on our homepage:


Barclay, Fabregas, Scolari's foals 2008,

Fiorano under saddle









January 24, 2009


The year 2009 had a brilliant start up. That with 37.000 € most expensive dressage horses in Verden at the Winter Auction was the black gelding Rohan by Rousseau-Bergamon, breeder Reinhold Haferland, Winsen-Luhe. Rohan’s dam descends out of Wilhelm Klausing’s successful dam line, where also Scolari, Barclay and Dramatic are breed of.









The second most expensive dressage horse auctioned for 33.000 € was our His Highness – Del Piero gelding Huckleberry. He is half brother to catalogue no. 51 of the licensing in Verden 2008 (Rousseau – Del Piero). An other stallion presented by us on the Winter Auction, Störtebeker by San Remo - Bismarck followed on the 3rd place and was auctioned for 30.000 € to Chile.












was a very successful year for the Pape Stud and their breeders. Offsprings of our stallions could present their selves very well on many tournament places, in shows and auctions and achieved good results and amounts for their breeders. The first foals of our Scolari must be called exceptional and probably seeks something comparable in this width and quality. With Barclay and Fiorano, we could place the performance test winners in Münster-Handorf and in Adelheidsdorf and we could also recruit with Fabregas another highly interesting young stallion for our station. With these sons by Belissimo M, Rousseau and Florencio, we clearly show our intent offering stallions to our breeders with highly current Pedigrees and uncompromisingly own performance.









We say  THANK YOU  for the good and successful cooperation and wish you and your families a happy, healthy and successful year 2009!




Yours Ingo Pape with


Family & Team


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