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updated December 24,  2012

News in 2012


December 24, 2012     Merry Christmas !

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. 



December 23, 2012  



The most amazing horse that has entered the riding arena in the history of the World Championships for young dressage horses is the in England bred  exceptional mare Woodlander Farouche. The double world champion by Fürst Heinrich - Dimaggio (score 9.88), represents in every respect the ideal of a modern dressage horse.


In friendly cooperation with the Woodlander Stud we could acquire her 2012 born full brother for Hemmoor. This young colt shall grow up with us and it is aimed a career as a stallion and dressage horse in Germany. His sire was World Champion, dam sire World Champion, and full sister double World Champion.

Exceptional genetics of an exceptional foal!




December 21, 2012     Don Nobless arrived

We are very happy. Don Nobless arrived safely at his new home and moved into his box in the stallion barn. The whole Pape-Team is happy and proud that we have the possibility to work in the future with this wonderful stallion. Our sincere thanks to Leslie and John Malone, owner of Harmony Sporthorses, who made this possible and many thanks for their confidence in the Pape Stud. Many, many thanks also to all the contributors of the P.S.I., especially to Dr. Ulf Möller, Eva Möller and Francois Kasselmann who passed Don Nobless here in a great shape. Thank you!




December 20, 2012     Results Performance Test  

The results of the 30 day test are published and we proudly can promulgate, that Scuderia is the winner of the dressage part in the last performance test 2012. His final total score dressage is 8,93 with a breeding value of 146 points.  


December 19, 2012    Schlieckau

Scuderia finished his 30 day performance test with very good scores.  He received for his charakter 8,75, the trot was scored with 9,25. The canter was scored by the judges with 8,0 and for the walk he received 8,75. Scuderia's high rideability was scored from both test riders with a terrific 10,0 !   Final score of his rideability is 9,5.  We are very pleased about this very good result.   


December 09, 2012  

Today we could aquire a very interesting new stallion for the breeding season 2013. Don Nobless is already a proven sire with outstanding genetic. His foals convince with beauty and breathtaking movements. Read more








December 01,2012     Licensing 

Fabergé by Fabregas out of  Seniorita by Solreo/T. - Hohenstein/T. - Al Capone,

breeder Sabrina Kern, exhibitor Arendt Wiehaus-Vorwerk was licensed today in Redefin. 

Our congratulations to all participants and good luck for the owner!
















November 07, 2012     30 Day Test Moritzburg

Fascino by Fiorano, breeder Dr. Johannes Brinkmann - Marl, finished today his 30 Day Test with excellent scores. Dressage 8,5 - Jumping - 7,63 and a breeding value Dressage of 130 points confirm this young stallion an excellent disposition for sport and breeding. Congratulations to everyone involved for this great success!


November 02, 12     Successful Shows

During the last months, many offspring by our stallions were successful in shows. 


Awarded Ia 

2-y mare by Scolari - Wolkenstein II, U. Bulle, Cuxhaven 
2-y mare by Scolari - His Highness, S. Pilz, Lilienthal 

Awarded Ia and State Premium Candidate  

Scarlett B by San Remo - Wolkenstein II, M. Begau, Worbis

Schmuckstück by San Remo - Matcho AA, W. Kamps, Cuxhaven
Sansibar by San Remo - Matcho AA, G. Reinhardt, Varrel
Sabrina by San Remo - Weltmeyer, S. Brunkhorst, Selsingen

Sacro Santa by Scolari - Hohenstein, F. Eichenbaum, Wittmund
Senorita by Scolari - Rotspon, D. Tiemann, Buxtehude
Santonia by Scolari  Tuareg/T., Dr. Ch. Beuke, Lilienthal
Sympathie M by Scolari - Worldly, P. Mahler, Neuhaus
Scara Boa by Scolari - Wolkenstein II, R. Stolter, Odisheim
Shakira by Scolari - Werther, Dres. E. u. U. Pape, Emsdetten
Safari Queen by Scolari - Donnerhall, R. Hageloch, Reutlingen
Soraya by Scolari - Sunlight xx, S. Nolden, Bad Bederkesa
Sweetheart by Scolari - Hohenstein/T., K.-H Ehlen, Bremervörde 
Salome by Scolari - Rotspon, A. Goldschweer, Worpswede
Many congratulations to all breeders and owners  !



November 10, 2012     Successful in Grand Prix
During the last months Harmony's Baroncelli and Susan Hassler
grew together to a successful team. Both were today 
Reserve Champions in Saturday Night Grand Prix Freestyle.
















October 31, 2012     Rankings

The database is listing Davignon as no. 14 of the stallions with the most successful offspring on Grand Prix level.   


October 26, 2012     Verden

"Licensed" was the comment from the licensing commission in Verden today for the Cat. No. 64, a Scolari - Rubin-Royal son, breeder Heinrich Grotefendt. Many congratulations !  





Dr. Ch. Beuke


October 13, 2012     Elite Auction Verden

The collection of the 127. Elite Auction included 4 offspring of our stallions. All 4 where sold to qualified stables. Don Corleone by Davignon, breeder Klaus Küver, Lamstedt, will be trained in the future by Jonny Hilberath. Sierra Tiquilla by Scolari, breeder ZG Rissmann and Schulte-Lünzum, Vice Champion of the the Hanoverian Championship in Verden August 2012 and participant at the Federal Championship in Warendorf will be trained now by Kathrin Meyer zu Strohen. Sir Scolari, der also successful in Verden at the Championshio, breeder Uwe Heinrichs, Balje, is now at home in the stable of Martin Schaudt. Sweetheart by Scolari, breeder Jörg-Christian Kruse, Cuxhaven, was sold to a successful sport stable in Northrhine-Westfalia. Many congratulations to all breeders, exhibitors and buyers and all the best for the future and good luck!


October, 13 2012     Olympic get together 



In Verden met today Olympians, trainers, breeders, owners and sponsors. The Hanoverian Association conferred many words of praise and gratitude for the great performances of all participants. As reminder of his successful horse, a photo was given to each breeder, and so we could take home a picture of Santana (Sandro Hit - Rubinstein).  The in Sweden licensed stallion was in London at the Olympic Games successful under Minna Telde. Santana descends out of our successful breeding line, where Pik Bube I+II and many other licensed stallions and successful sport horses are bred from. Offspring from the Sandro Hit line draw in recent time attention to themselves with excellence in the sport. We therefore expect special performances by our stallion Scuderia, who has with Sir Donnerhall I not only a very good sire, but also comes out of our long cherished dam line.










October 12, 2012     Gala Evening Verden

The three medalists of the Bundeschampionat 2012, had at the gala evening in Verden the opportunity to present their skills again in front of an interested audience. Quasar de Charry impressed under Susan and showed his extraordinary movements.




October 07, 2012     Elite Auction Westfalia

Nomen est omen. Sensation by San Remo, bred by Maria Leusmann, Rheine, was with the amount of 141.000 € the top horse of the 44. NRW Elite Auction. The mare out of a Ferragamo dam will take her box in the barn of Diva Royal, who was successful under Dorothee Schneider at the Olympic games in London 2012. 


September 01, 2012     Bronze Medal for Quasar de Charry


Very exciting was part A of the final for 4 y old stallions in Warendorf. With a full house the horses responded different than on Thursday. Quasar de Charry appeared confident and was ranked on place 3 under 6 participants in the final. With this result he qualified for part B of the final, the testriding. Here his rideability was rewarded by the two test riders with 17,5 points, and with a final score of 68 points (8,5) he reached the Bronze Medal in the Federal Championships of German Riding Horses 2012. Scara Boa could improve her qualifying result of Thursday and reached the 6. place with a score of 8,0.


August 31, 2012      Federal Championships - Qualifications

The 3 y old mare Sierra Tiquilla by Scolari (breeder Nadine Meyer) reached under Anett Müller with a score of 7,92 place 10.


August 30, 2012      Federal Championships - Qualifications 

Under strong participants in the qualification reached Quasar de Charry by Quaterback (breeder Erika Lütjen) under Susan with a score of 8,42 the 3. place and secured the participation in the final of 4 y old stallions on Saturday. Scara Bora by Scolari (breeder Rixta Stolte) qualified under Susan with a score of 7,92 for the final for mares and geldings on Saturday. Lena Stegemann and Don Hitmeyer reached the 10. place with a score of 7,75 .  


August 18, 2012     Foal Auction Verden

The winner of our foal show, Queensberry by Quasar de Charry - Rotspon was today sold to Bayern for the amount of 15.000 €.  



August 10, 2012     Top offer for highest demands 


Sergio Leone *2008


Hanoverian Gelding,


app. 16.3,5 h.h. Chestnut   


Here we can offer you an absolute top candidate for the sport. Basic gaits, rideability and charisma make him to a top offer for highest demands. 












Sergio Leone *2008


August 05, 2012     Finals in Verden 


Quasar de Charry

Final of the 

Hanoverian Championship

of 4y old stallions  





Quasar de Charry in the competition. The canter was scored with 10,0, for trot and walk he received 9,0 for each gait. 




A very special moment.  Champion of the 4y old Hanoverian stallions 2012.  

Nominated for the Bundeschampionat.





Scara Boa (B: Rixta Stolte) by Scolari under Susan Pape,  scored with 8,42 in the Final of the Hanoverian Championship,

and nominated for the Bundeschampionat.






Sir Scolari (B: Uwe Heinrichs) under Sandra Frieling in the Finale of 4y old mares and geldings. 

70 participants started in the qualification, 10 reached the Final, from it 2 Scolari offspring. 





Don Hitmeyer under Lena Stegemann.  Hanoverian Vice-Champion of 4y old mares and geldings, nominated for the Bundeschampionat 



August 2./3., 2012     Verden

Quasar de Charry and Susan reached today in the qualification for the Hanoverian Championship of 4y old stallions with a score of   8.5 a very good 2nd place. In the qualification for 4y old mares and geldings she reached with Scara Boa by Scolari - Wolkenstein II, breeder/owner Rixta Stolte with a score of  8.5 the 3rd place.  


Also in the class of 4y old mares and geldings,  Sandra Frieling achieved with Sir Scolari by Scolari - Del Piero breeder Uwe Heinrich owner Jürgen Schwengel the score of 8.25 and reached with this result place no. 4.  


With our latest aquisition Don Hitmeyer by Diamond Hit - Lauries Crusador xx Lena Stegemann secured in the class of 4y old mares and geldings  the first place in the second department with a score of  8.75. The way is now clear for the finals on Sunday in Verden.  


August 02, 2012     London 

In the team of the Swedish Dressage Riders Minna Telde received with her mare Santana 67,477 %.  Santana by Sandro Hit - Rubinstein - Donnerhal l -Pik König was bred by Ingo Pape.  


August 01, 2012     Herwart von der Decken Show Verden 

Que Sera (No. 60) by Quaterback-Sandro-Hit was today awarded 1f. Breeder and owner of this beautiful mare are Harmony Sporthorses und Ingo Pape.



June 29, 2012     Mare Show in Himmelpforten

Awarded Ia and State Premium Candidate was today in Himmelpforten the 3-y old Salome by Scolari out of StPrSt Rapsodie by Rotspon-Matcho AA,  breeder Hermann Jarck, Himmelpforten, owner Alexander Goldschweer, Worpswede. Salome passed her performance test in jumping and dressage and also under the test rider with a score of 8.5. Many congratulations to breeder and owner!   


June 29, 2012     Mare Shows 

Awarded premium and Ia, title State Premium Candidate and winner of her department was today in Rulle the mare Sydney by Scolari-Florestan, breeder Marion Dawidowski, Hechthausen, owner Ludger Gördes, Lennestadt. Our congrtulations to this wonderful success!    




On further mare shows offspring of our stallions were awarded Ia and State Premium Candidate. U. Henke from Lüchow received Ia and the title StPrA for the mare Sweety by Scolari - Concetto. J. Quast from Hamburg achieved in Wohlesbostel Ia for a 2y old mare by Scolari - Don Cavallo. At the mare show in Fehrenbötel a 2y old mare by Scolari - Grand Cru, owner K. Witt from Neustadt  achieved an Ia-prise. An other Ia prise was given in Luhmühlen for a 2y old Scolari - Lauries Crusador xx to C. Quast from Hamburg. Many congratulations to all breeder and owner!


June 18, 2012     Foal Show

The results are online 



June 15, 2012     Competition Beverstedt

With the 3y old stallion San Miguel del Mondo M by Scolari -Wolkenstein II  Andreas Quaas today decided the riding horse class on beginner level for himself. He pointed in a strong competition against licensed stallions. Congratulations !



May 29, 2012     Successful competitions

The current competition season started successful for our horses and riders. Jamie won in Bremen at the St. George Riding Club the qualification for 5 y old riding horses for the Bundeschampionat in September in Warendorf. San Francesco by San Remo-Frenchman was scored with 8.3 and 8.4. 


Also Scuderia, the Oldenburger Reseve Champion by Sir Donnerhall has compledted under our professional rider Lena Stegemann hist first start on beginner level. He won with the outstanding score of 8.6 the riding horse class in Bülkau. 


On the Pentecost tournament in Gesstenseth Lena was riding with Desiderio her first M** and was victorious again. 


Also in Geestenseth Barclay was in his first start in S-Dressage under Susan successful and left the place as a winner. What a fantastic  result for the 7 y old stallion! 


The culmination of the weekend was the first appearence of Quasar de Charry und Susan. Supplied with absolute top grades both where able to win the riding horse class scored with 9.0. A spectacular vistory in a strong competition. 



May 07, 2012     Switzerland Sales Days 

Again a new project  by the Pape Stud. Together with our partner Matthieu Beckmann, we organize especially for our friends and clients in Switzerland horse sales days in Deitingen-CH. We are happy to offer a wide range of riding horses in various classes of age, level of training and price.



April 19, 2012     Desiderio

At the today's licensing under saddle Harmony's Desiderio was approved for the Hanoverian breeders. 





April 12, 2012

Ferrara by Fiorano – Royal Hit – Fidermark – Ehrentusch could today win her mare performance test with the final score of 8.39. She received for her protruding ridability 9.0 .


Something very special is, that her mother and her grand mother also could win their performance tests in the Rhineland. Many congratulations to the breeder Theo Lenzen! 









April 2, 2012     Fiorano colt - price peak in Münster

At the yesterday's Spring Elite-Auction in Münster Handorf Fiorano Rosso by Fiorano-Dresemann, breeder Bernhard Deitert, Schöppingen, achieved the highest auction price. The in closes relationship to the stallion Feramo (Fidermark-Damenstolz) standing colt descends out of the Hanoverian dam line of Allerweltsfrau and changed into professional hands. Many congratulations to the breeder and our best wishes for the rearing to the buyer. 



March 30, 2012     Oldenbourg Licensing



Licensed and awarded as Premium Stallion was today our Scuderia by Sir Donnerhall I - Escudo - Matcho AA, breeder Nicola Mc Givern, Active Equestrian.


The reseve winner of the first Oldenbourg Spring Licensing was born in England and descends out of the Hanoverian dam line of Cabanda, which also brought the stallions Pik Bube I+II, Bergamon, Bugatti Hilltop and Riverside.  


We intend to train Scuderia under saddle in 2012, that he can pass a performance test.

 Foto:  LL-FOTO.DE




 Video by Dr. Kerstin Klieber          







 Sir_Donnerhall_I    Sandro_Hit    Sandro Song
 Contenance_  Donnerhall
 Contenance II
 Escudo I  Espri
 Melanie  Matcho AA




March 28, 2012     Scolari filly

Our congratulations to Martina Kamp, Meppen for her chestnut filly by Scolari out of StPr Flamenca by Florestan




March 22, 2012     Quasar de Charry filly

We send our congratulations to Dr. Christina Beuke, Lilienthal, for this black filly by Quasar de Charry - Rotspon - Donnerhall - Hohenstein/T. 

17 h old on this picture



March 11, 2012     Stallion Show 

Great interest in our stallions and their offspring showed the breeders on Sunday morning on our stallion show. A special impression left the first foals of Quasar de Charry, who all could convince in type, quality and movements. Scolari's oldest offsprings, now 4 years old, showed very good qualities as a riding horse.  

Photos by Philip von Thaden 




Quasar de Charry - De Niro


Quasar de Charry - Hochadel




Quasar de Charry - Samarant, still very young at the show




Sinfonie by Scolari - Conteur

Participant H.v.d.Decken Schau 2011

Elite Auction horse April 2012


Scolari - Münchhausen/T.


Scolari - Wolkenstein II



February 03, 2012     First Quasar de Charry foal

Already in early January was born this filly by Quasar de Charry out of a dam by Hochadel. The young lady's movements are very elastic with a great rhythm and she delighted her breeders. Our congratulations to this wonderful foal ! 





January 30, 2012     Success in sport and breeding

The dam line of Pik Bube (Cabanda – 1191207), traditional at home at our stud farm, produced again  outstanding horses. Only a short time ago, the danish stud Blue Hors presented with "Rebelle" by Don Schufro-Regazzoni-Donnerhall-Pik König the Oldenburg champion mare, now the current Westphalian licensing winner was bred out of this valuable dam line. "Dubrovnik NRW“ by Diamond Hit-Regazzoni- Matador-Donnerhall changed into the well known stable of Sissy Max-Theurer.


Also from the top sports joyful news of our horses reached us in Hemmoor. "Duvie" by Werther-Ducello-Donnerwetter-Pik König went with his rider Gareth Hughes in GB-Addington his first Grand Prix at all and reached 70.2%. Congratulations to Aspen Grove Dressage, who bought the horse at the age of 3 years from his breeder Dr. Uwe Pape.


Minna Telde (SWE) competed "Santana" by Sandro Hit-Rubinstein-Donnerhall-Pik König in her first international Grand Prix at the CDI-W in NL-Amsterdam and reached very good 69 %. Congratulations!



January 26, 2012     Ver-Dinale

At his first public presentation Quasar de Charry could achive the 3rd place in the "Winner's Award" for 4-y old horses. 




January 21, 2012     Winter-Auction Verden

Powerful and strong started the auction season in Verden.  The most expensive horse of the Winter Auction in Verden, the chestnut mare Sunshine by San Remo/Frenchman (Breeder and owner Samantha Hahn, Kuehrstedt) Sunshine caused by her excellent performance for happy faces among the guests in the well-filled auction hall. For 47,000 auctioneer Friedrich-Wilhelm Isernhagen sold the elegant dressage mare to customers in Schleswig-Holstein.



January 20, 2012     New videos online

We have added new videos from our stallions. Have a look at  Lemony's Nicket, Quasar de Charry, Duisenberg, Scolari, Fiorano, Desiderio and Davignon in better quality and new format.