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updated December 18, 2013

News in 2013


December 10, 2013     Licensed  



 In Verden today our Rock Forever - Florestan son received a positive approval for breeding.

 From 2014 this typey young stallion bred by Ralf Grachtrup from Herzebrock-Clarholz 

 will complete our stallions collection and will be availible for our breeders.


 We are pleased to offer  with this stallion a top modern pedigree.

 The close relatives of our new arrival are age appropriate successful in the square.


 Rock_Forever   Rockwell  Rocket Star
 v. Grandus
 StPrSt_Lady_Sunshine   Landstreicher
 v. Damokles
 StPrSt Fahra  Florestan I  Fidelio
 v. Rheingold
 Ferrara  Feuerschein
 v. Pilatus


 The dam line brought up to advanced level successful sport horses. 






December 10, 2013

Fabregas, Fiorano and Scolari provide young stallions on the South  German Stallion Days in Munich. We are pleased with the exhibitors and cross our fingers for a positive licensing result in January. The  collection.



November 2, 2013      Successful Shows

During the last months, many offspring by our stallions were successful in shows. 


Awarded Ia 

2-y mare by Scolari - His Highness, M. Ehlers, Freiburg  


Awarded Ia and State Premium Candidate

Summersby by Scolari – Davignon, A. Fuchs, Geversdorf

Scarlet by Scolari – Wolkenstein II, Ulrike Bulle, Cuxhaven

Scarlett by Scolari – Graf Lehnsherr, H.-H. Brunckhorst, Buxtehude

Summer by Scolari – Baroncelli, Dr. C. Haack, Freiburg

Sydney by Scolari – Lauries Crusador xx, Dr. C. Haack, Freiburg

Sherazade by Scolari – Fürst Heinrich, J. Nussbaumer, Hamburg

Florentia by Fiorano – Rubin Royal, Gestüt Hülsdau, Marl

Falbala by Fiorano – Ehrentanz, Gestüt Hülsdau, Marl

Santosha by Scolari – Bormio xx, F. Kohl, Griesheim

Sareika by Scolari – Wolkentanz, B. Pott, Meppen

Siena by Scolari – Royal Prince, Gestüt Hülsdau, Marl

Scara Boena by Scolari – Bergamon, W. Thuning, Laer

Senza Parole by Scolari – Don Cavallo, Tanja Quaas, Oberndorf


Nominated for the Elite Mare Show Oldenburg in Rastede

Dahlia by Scolari - Welt Hit I O, Family Schiele, Sieversdorf  


Many congratulations to all breeders and owners!



 Senza Parole by Scolari - Wolkenstein II, Winner in Show Großenwörden

  Scara Boena by Scolari - Bergamon, Winner in Show Timmel



 StPrA Santosha by Scolari - Bormio xx

  StPrA Sareika by Scolari - Wolkentanz



September 23, 2013     Champion Mare Austria

The 4-y old mare Cassandra L by Scolari - Friedensfürst - Itaxerxes was already at the Lower Austria studbook registration winning mare and has now gained the victory again at the Federal Championships in Stadl Paura. She received the following scores: For type 9, exterior 8.5, correctness 8, walk 8, gait mechanics 9.5, total 43. At the same time at the riding horses championships, she was the best mare with a score of 8.5. We rejoice with the Liebscher family and send many congratulations to Austria for this wonderful success! 





August 27, 2013     Champion Foal

Many congratulations to Louise Davies of Platinum Stud  for her outstanding filly by Lemony's Nicket out of the
Elite Mare Ronja B by Rotspon - Escudo I - Buenos Aires. Platimun Love Actually was champion foal over all

disciplines at the BEF Catherston.    






August 21, 2013     Scolari's Offsprings - Allrounder for Life

One reference for top character and easy handling is Claudia Weise's gelding Solitair by Scolari-Baroncelli *2009.









  August 10, 2013     World Class


  Scara Boa was signed today in Verden under Lena Stegemann

  World Champion of 5 y old dressage horses! It was exciting until the last

  minute, because two favored KWPN stallions had previously made ​​mistakes

   in their presentations and were dropped to rear positions.

  Scara Boa and Lena gave an excellent presentation, fascinated by ease and

  elegance and they were awarded with top scores. An unbelievable 10.0 for submission. There is 

  no way to do it better !


  Also for the gaits the scores were very high and showed the quality of horse

   and rider.  Trot 9.5 - Walk 9.7 - Canter 9.0 - Overall impression 9.8 and a final result of 9.6.

  Thus the performance of the qualifying round was confirmed and  the title was won.

  We can hardly express our joy and will probably realize in a few days what really happened!



We will not forget to mention the 4 remain placed Scolari descendants from the Riding Horse Test yesterday.

With 62 starters turned Scolari 5 participants of which were placed four.

Scara Boena by Scolari x Bergamon with the score 8.1 under Fritz Fleischmann
Scout by Scolari x Rohdiamant with the score 8.1 under Andreas Müller
Suisse Soleil by Scolari x Sunlight xx with the score 7.9 under Michael Meyer
Sweet Belly by Scolari x His Highness with the score 7.8 under Dr. Nicole Deinzer



  August 8, 2013     World Championships Verden

  Very close to the ideal were today Scara Boa and Lena Stegemann in the qualifying for

   5-y old riding horses. The international jury, consisting of Ghislain Fouarge (NED),

  Annette Fransen-Iacobaeus (SWE), Kurt Christensen (DEN) and Dr. Dietrich Plewa (GER)

  scored for the trot 9.7 - walk 9.7 - canter 9, 5 - suppleness 9.5 - total impression 9.5

  final score  9.62

  With this result, and a distance of 0.48 scores to the second place, it was the clear win for both,

  which makes us very happy. Also very proud today was Scara Boa's breeder Rixta Stolte, 

  who had traveled from Odisheim with her family to Verden to see her horse.


  all results













August 01, 2013      Qualified
Elmlohe: Susan and Quasar de Charry today won today the qualification for the Federal  Championships (Bundeschampionat) with a score of 8.3. After Susan is fit again, both will now go to participate in Verden at the World Championships for Young Dressage Horses.

Scolari meanwhile attract again as proven sire. His daughter Sinfony won in Elmlohe in a qualifier with a score of 8.6. In addition, 10 of his offspring have qualified to compete in Verden at the championships.



  July 22, 2013 


  Jolly and full of desire to move this colt by Lemony's Nicket,

  which already saw at the beginning of June with

  Anne and Kristof Tuerlinckx in Friedberg  the light of the world.
  Congratulations to the healthy foal !




















  July 21, 2013 


  Just 2 days old is this foal by Fiorano out of from

  Allegra by A Jungle Prince. Congratulations to

  Jasmine and Martina Yazgan  to their healthy foal !












July 20, 2013     Summer Auction Verden

At today's Summer Auction Scolari placed ​​with his daughter Sommerliebe the second-most expensive horse of the auction.
€ 32,000 spent buyers from Finland for the talented mare out of the breeding from  Siegfried Pilz in Lilienthal.






  July 14, 2013     National Foal Championship Lienen

  Quasar de Charry is the sire of the reseve winner in today's final of the over all Foal Championship in Lienen.

  The chestnut filly out of a Hohenstein/T-Weltmeyer mare was already the winner of our foal show in June this year. 

  Many congratulations to the successful and proud breeder Manuela and Carsten Ahlf, Drochtersen.

















  July 08, 2013


  Many congratulations to the Franz family in Ovendorf

  for their filly by  Desiderio - Weltmeyer

















  July 07, 2013 


  Many congratulations for Eileen Fischer from Niemegk for her

  premium awarded filly by  Lemony's Nicket out of a dam

  by  Faveur.














   July 05, 2013     Mare Show Großenwörden


  Scolari is the sire of the winner in show at the today's mare show.

  Breeder Johann Quast, Hamburg and owner the Quaas Family can

  be proud and we send many congratulations to all involved.

















  July 03, 2013     Mare Show Dobrock


  Dagostini is the sire of the winning mare 2 year old class.

  Many congratulations to the breeder Inga Ayecke and

  the owner Lore Hinck in Otterndorf!


















July 02, 2013     Nominated

In today's second qualification in Warendorf  Scara Boa and Lena Stegemann showed their best and were nominated to the World Cup team. We are extremely happy and a bit proud to represent the colors of Germany in August in Verden. As so often are joys and sorrows close together. Scuderia had sustained a minor injury a few days ago and could therefore today in Warendorf not go to the start. Also, Susan is convalescing after a minor surgical procedure and should not ride a horse for some weeks. Lemony's Nicket and Quasar de Charry are the victims of this, and have to refrain in competitions under Susan.



  July 01, 2013


  The Franz family in Ovendorf is the breeder of this filly by

   Fiorano -  Depardieu - Weltmeyer. Many congratulations !






















  June 30, 2013     Qualified


  With a total 81 from 90 possible points qualified today the of  Dr. Christina Beuke bred 

  filly by Scolari - Falsterbo - Wolkenstein II for the finals of the over all breeds German

  Foal Championship in Lienen. Many congratulations and our thumbs are pressed for the

  weekend 13./14.July 2013  



  Single Scores
   Type: 9 / 9 / 9
   Correctness: 8,5 / 9 / 9
   Movements: 9 / 9,5 / 9









  June 22, 2013     Hanoverian Foal Show Denmark


  Winner of the colts in the Danish Hedensted was a colt by

  Quasar de Charry - Baroncelli  bred by Lony Rytter. We are happy

  and send many congratulations to Denmark for the winning foal!














June 16,2013     Foal Show

photos and results of our foal show are online



June 15, 2013




Many congratulations to Dr. Christina Beuke in Lilienthal for this 4 wonderful foals. From left to right

filly by Duisenberg-St. Morith, colt by Scolari-Don Vino, filly by Scolari-Falsterbo, colt by Scolari-Don Frederico



June 12, 2013     Warendorf

Today and yesterday met in Warendorf Germany's top 5- and 6 year old dressage horses to qualify for the second selection at the beginning of July, to participate in Verden at the World Championships for Young Dressage Horses in August this year. Scuderia and Scara Boa, both presented by Lena Stegemann, belong to those, who may show their capabilities in early July again and thus have a chance to start in August for Germany. From the 11 talented 5 year old horses will start 7 and 3 will belong to the reserve. Read more information at the FN  





June 06, 2013     Competition in Bargstedt 



Quasar de Charry  scored with 8,4

 2. place  in the incoming test for the qualification Bundeschampionat


Scuderia winner in two competitons and  qualified for the Bundeschampionat

with the scores 8,6 and 8,9


Sinfonie by Scolari scored with 8,2

2. place in the Qualifckation for the Bundeschampionat




June 04, 2013 


  Many congratulations to Bettina Martin for her

  filly by Lemony's Nicket - Hochadel 














  May 31, 2013 


  Qualified for the German Foal Championship in Lienen and accepted for the

  Foal Auction in Verden in August this year was today the winning foal of our foal show 

  thei filly by  Quasar de Charryout of Hispaniola by Hohenstein, breeder   

  Carsten and Manuela Ahlf, Drochtersen.


  Total score 77,5 from 90 possible points 
   Type: 8,5; 9,0; 8,5
   Movement: 9,5; 8,5; 8,5
   Correctness: 8,5; 9,0; 8,0


  Many congratulations and good luck for Lienen in mid of July!





June 26, 2013     Winner in Austria

Cassandra by Scolari out of Claudia Cardinal was today awarded and nominated as over all winner in Austria.  Many congratulations to this wonderful success!



  June 04, 2013


  Bernd Meyer in Hamburg is the breeder of this

  filly by Quasar de Charry. 


  Many congratulations ! 













  May 27, 2013


  Fiorano is the sire of this foal out of an

  Abanos mother.


  Many congratulations to Angelique Theil. 













May 25, 2013      Foal Show 2013

Our this year foal show will be held on Sunday June 16  at 2.00 p. m.  Lemony's Nicket and Duisenberg will debut with her first offspring, we expect app. 50 foals on our show.


May 25, 2013     Winner in Show 

Today in the East Frisian town Timmel Scara Boena * 2009 by Scolari Bergamon-Regazzoni was nominated overall winner of the central mare show in the Hanover district association Ostfriesland. The judges particularly praised her ground covering movements, the rhythm, her  correctness and feminine charming appearence. Congratulations to the breeder Mr Groeneveld from Westerstede and the owner Mr. Thüning from Laer.






  May 23, 2013


  Ankie Borowski is happy about her foal by  Lemony's Nicket.

  Many congratulations ! 













May 22, 2013 


Left: Jürgen Schult is the breeder of this colt by  Lemony's Nicket - Rousseau- Aalborg.


Right: The von Thaden family is happy about their filly by  Lemony's Nicket - Scolari - Matcho AA.


Many congratulations to this foals. 





  May 21, 2013


  Many congratulations to Anne Kolberg in Denmark

  to this foal by Quasar de Charry.  












  May 20, 2013 


  Many congratulations to Lony Rytter in Denmark fot this

  colt by Quasar de Charry - Baroncelli













  May 19, 2013

  This colt by Desiderio - Ehrentanz was born at the Hülsdau Stud

  with the Brinkmann family. 


  Many congratulations to this foal 














  May 19, 2013 


  Already on  April 16 was this foal by

  Fiorano - Dimaggio born in France. 


  Many congratulations to Ecuries Keanbeel











May 15, 2013



Stefan and Lydia Brunsmann are the breeder of this colt by

Lemony's Nicket - De Niro - Pik Bube I

Many congratulations to Bissendorf



  May 12, 2013 

  Congratulstions to  Frank Weißenberg-Peters from Bad Schwartau

   to his colt by  Lemony's Nicket - Davidor - Erfolg











May 08, 2013

 Congratulations to the Steen Stud to their this year foals


Lemony's Nicket - Wolkentanz
  Lemony's Nicket - Akzent II




May 08,2013     Qualified for Warendorf

The first qualifications are extremely successful for our horses. At the Anakenenhof Scuderia by Sir Donnerhall qualified with  8.4, Quasar de Charry by Quarterback with a 8.0 and Scara Boa by Scolari with a 8.3 to participate in Warendorf at the Federal Championships for 5 year old riding horses in Warendorf. Last weekend Don Hitmeyer qualified in Bremen. 



  April 20, 2013 


  Rolf Steimke is the breeder of this Desiderio - Matcho AA filly

  Congratulations and Welcome to the next generation. 










April 16, 2013  

Many congratulations to Martina Kamp in Meppen

for her premium awarded Scolari - Rubin Star N filly


April 05, 2013     Videos

With a little delay we received from the city of Garbsen the videosof our stallions show in February. It is always a pleasure visiting Neuenkirchen and presenting our stallions in cooperation with the Beckmann stud in Neuenkirchen. Here are some impressions of our stallions from this evening.

Quasar de Charry,  Desiderio, Scuderia, Don Nobless, Scolari, Lemony's Nicket.


April 04, 2013     Schlieckau

Duisenberg is back for breeding. He finished today his 30 day performance test with very good scores.  He received for his charakter 8,5, the trot was scored with 8,5. The canter was scored by the judges with 8,75 and for the walk and his jumping he received 7,25. Duisenberg's high rideability was scored with 8,25. We are very pleased about this very good result.  



  March 15, 2013

  We congratulate Josef Fieseler  to his

  filly by Quasar de Charry - Hochadel













March 06, 2013     Quasar de Charry colt

Klaus and Inge Kuhn are the proud breeder of this beautiful colt by Quasar de Charry out of the StPrSt Donnanova by Don Crusador - Fabriano. Many congratulations to this wonderful youngster!  




 March 02, 2013


 Colt by  Lemony's Nicket out of

 V.Pr.St Feine Welt / St.Pr.St v.Hitchcock / Garibaldi II,
  8 h old on the photo  


 Many congratiolations for the proud breeder  

 Volker Stoffers from Münster.





February 25, 2013     First Foals 

The first foals by Lemony's Nicket are born and exceed all expectations. Very true to type and with very good movements, they prepare their breeders great joy. Congratulations to this wonderful breed success!



 Filly by Lemony's Nicket ount of 

Solardy by Scolari-Matcho AA

Breeder Philipp von Thaden 


 Colt by Lemony's Nicket out of 

Smallville by Stedinger-Wittinger

Breeder Frank and Nicole Horn 



February 22, 2013     Stallions presentation in Neuenkrichen

It is always a pleasure visiting Neuenkirchen and presenting our stallions in cooperation with the Beckmann stud in Neuenkirchen. Here are some impressions of our stallions from this evening.

Quasar de Charry,  Desiderio, Scuderia, Don Nobless, Scolari, Lemony's Nicket.



February 15, 2013     

Duisenberg won today in Rheine-Catenhorn his first competition with a final score of 8,4.  Results 


February 02,2013     P.B. Schau Verden

The 23. show of the private owned Hanoverian stallions was a successful presentation. Our new stallions could convince with very good basic gaits and a high rideability.  





January 31, 2013     Approval Verden

Scuderia today was approved in Verden for the Hanoverian Society.


Foto Dr. Christina Beuke



January 21, 2013

We have added new videos from our stallions. Have a look at  




Don Nobless  


Lemony's Nicket  


Quasar de Charry  









January 19, 2013  FEI World Cup Dressage 

Minna Telde and Santana achieve in Freestyle Grand Prix in Amsterdam in an international top class fiel 77,70 % and an excellent 6. place Results



Dear Breeder,

The team of the Hengststaion Pape is delighted and somewhat proud, with our already proven sires and our new stallions being allowed to advertise in 2013 for your favor.


With our selfimposed claim to recruit without compromises only the very best for our stallion collection, we have been able to find it after a long search on the PSI auction. Don Nobless embodies in terms of beauty, genetics and sports potential whatever demands the modern horse breeding. 


Worn by their great passion for horse breeding is it, after the acquisition of Lemony's Nicket, again possible due to the financial commitment of our partners and friends of Harmony Sporthorses,  that such an exceptional horse could be secured for our stud and breeders.



With the Oldenburg Licensing Reserve Champion Scuderia we complete our offer that we put together for you with expertise and passion, focused on the needs of today's sport horse breeding.


Your Pape Team







Looking back on 2012


The annual time "between the years" always invites to look back at the declining year.  2012 was a year full of mostly positive events at the Hengststation Pape.


At the beginning of the year the stallion shows particularly are in the focus of attention. With our presentations  in Verden, Munster, Vechta and Dobrock we were very satisfied. Certainly, the particular interest in our Lemony's Nicket has contributed to the full house. 235 more inseminated mares compared to last year, are a clear message at a time of declining trends. We would like to expressly thank all breeders for the confidence in our stallions and us!


Also with us was the foaling season with 10 healthy born foals very happy.  My special thanks go to our employee Sabrina Kern, who not only leads our insemination center, but also monitors and manages all the foaling.  These special moments of births, the first to lead out the young foals and the joy of watching them grow, make us always understood that horse breeding is not always a co-write and add numbers. It is a passion, even a passion that sometimes takes a lot, but also is capable to give very much. 




Also of course the mare performance tests and mare shows can be described as very good. Many daughters of our stallions attracted attention with great results. Especially Scolari's daughters were often seen in front rows. Our review of the Dobrock show fit perfectly into this picture. Our mares have won the three-year class and the family class and provide the best mare of the show with "Que Sera".


This year's foal show was very well attended and was marked by the premiere year of Quasar de Charry offspring, who dominated the top placings.


With the sale days North German dressage elite (VNDE) in Switzerland, we celebrated a highly acclaimed premiere together with our partner Matthieu Beckmann and gained many new customers and friends.








Also sporting success went well. Our riders Lena Stegemann and Jamie Szestopalow celebrated their first successes in dressage medium class and Susan already won the first S-dressage on advanced level with the seven year old Barclay. The highlights of the riding horse scene are certainly the young horse competitions in Verden and Warendorf. Lena was with Don Hitmeyer the Hanoverian Vice Champion (score 8.9) and Susan with Quasar de Charry the champion of the Hanoverian stallions (score 9.16 ). In Warendorf there was a great bronze medal for Quasar. Also Scolari’s daughter Scara Boa under Susan could place in the final in Warendorf at the sixth place.


However, the Verden tournament was fully dominated by the exceptional mare "Woodlander Farouche". Every horse lover who has seen the live performances of this mare, will never forget her. An absolute "goosebumps horse", may call to double world champion right now. We are very proud to be in partnership with Woodlander Stud, and to have a full brother born in 2012 of this exceptional mare with us, which are our greatest hopes.  







On the first spring licensing in Oldenburg we were able to present the reserve champion with Scuderia. The dressage part of his performance test he could win in autumn with 8.9. Duisenberg was unfortunately not able to finish his examination due to injury, but he will make this up for 2013.

Scolari was it, who left his stamp on the Verden Elite Auction in October.  Three offspring were paid well above average and were sold in absolute top stables.


Our training days are very popular and still continuous to be held in 2013.

Highlight of 2012 was undoubtedly the PSI Auction in Ankum. The bidding of Don Noblesse for Harmony Sporthorses was a very special experience. After a few days in our stable we are excited about his riding and interior features.


With best wishes for 2013


Yours Ingo Pape













News in 2012