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 updated June 25,  2018

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June 10, 2018 Foal Show Results





Final Ring older foals

1.Cat 6, filly Don Nobless – Desperados, Johannes Otterstedt, Ottersberg

2.Cat 21, colt Rocco Granata – Fürst Nymphenburg,

Heinz Saborowski, Ihlienworth

3.Cat 3, filly Daytona - Scolari, Michael Klimke, Münster

4.Cat 5 colt Libertad – De Janeiro, Helmut Wähling, Hamburg

5. Cat 3, filly Daytona - Scolari, Michael Klimke, Münster

Further foals 7,13,15,18,20 and 22



Final ring younger foals 


1.Cat 39, filly Don Nobless – Statesman, Wilhelm Hartmann, Schwanewede

2.Cat 26, filly Benicio – Scolari, Ingo Pape, Hemmoor

3.Cat 40, filly Libertad – Destano,

ZG Sabine u. Hans Heinrich Maak, Hamburg

Further foals 25,30 and 42


June 4, 2018     Catalog online

Click here to see the participants of our foal show on sunday.


April 28, 2018     Horses & Dreams

Eclectisch and Susan achieve a very good 3rd place in St. Georges Special with 72,244%



Our stallions in Wettringen at the show





 Don Allegro













March 28, 2018     Stallions Performance Test

Daytona under the test rider




February 23, 2018     Daily work



February 20, 2018     Don Allegro under saddle




February 19, 2018     Wellington


















January 29, 2018     Wellington and Verden


Top weekend for our stable in Verden and Wellington. After their very good national tournament debut with almost 73 % in an Intermediaire 1 last weekend in Wellington, Susan and Eclectisch had their international premiere. On the CDI * the two could win both the St. Georg and the Inter 1. A truly fantastic debut for this new couple. Bourani from Belissimo-Davignon took two M / A dressage classes with Susan and became first and third with 72 and 73%. In Germany too, the year starts at the top for our stable. Lena was in Verden with the newly acquired Grafit von Grafenstolz at the start. They were able to place second in the S5 and the Inter 1 respectively. So it may go on! 












January 19, 2018     Wellington


Debut for Eclectisch in Florida. In the Intermediare 1 Eclectisch

and Susan took today 2nd place with 71,9 %. What a start!


























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