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updated December 31,  2016

News 2016


Dec 29, 2016     Annual Review 2016

As always, the contemplative time "between the years" invites us to look back at the ending year. The year began with Susan's dream. Susan had the opportunity to take part in the international tournament series in Wellington, Florida by the invitation of Leslie and John Malone. For two months, Susan and Harmony's Fiorano, Harmony's Don Nobless and Samson have been very successful in several national and international dressage competitions. In January, Libertad completed an outstanding performance test.


He won his 50-day test with 9.03, which was the best result this year of all dressage stallions. At home the beginning of the year was marked by the stallion shows. At the PB show in Verden, the community show in Vechta and our most important regional show on the Dobrock, our breeders were able to make a good overall picture of our stallions and their heredity. In the end, it was traditionally a breeders' breakthrough at Wettringen to our partner station Mathieu Beckmann. Of course, we were again supported by our fanbus. We would like to sincerely thank Mathieu and his team for the excellent, friendly cooperation in many areas. The 2016, again free of complications, we have the chance to win our team, especially Rene Janzen and Sarah Mojen. In her first year, Sarah has proved herself as a station manager, a perfect addition to our team.


The foal round trip organized in May by the main horse breeding association Hadeln took place on our farm, by a sociable gathering of the breeders, a wonderful conclusion. The foal show held in June was extremely well attended and brought good sales. The mares were very satisfying for us. After consistently very good performance tests, we were able to place three St.Pr. mares with Laeticia, Sangria and Que Belle, of which Que Belle became the best mare of the show. Also on the Friedrich Jahnke and the Herwart v.d.Decken show our mares were highly ranked. 







Ribbons in Florida



The fourth edition of VNDE, our sales days in Switzerland, took place for the first time at the farm of Barbara von Grebel in Grüningen. Here we were very warmly welcomed and we could gain many new friends. Many horses from Hemmoor and Wettringen found happy new owners.

Our team with Lena, Bronwyn and Jamie was able to achieve a variety of victories and placements from riding horse tests to advaned S dressage competitions. Lena rode her first Bundeschampionats finals and scraped with a bit bad luck just a medal.

In the course of the year, some changes in the stallion's stock have occurred. Dancing World, after having won his first advanced S-dressage under Susan only seven years old, was sold to Bavaria in very good hands. Lemony's Nicket was given to the promotional hands of Michael Klimke, who also belongs to the team of Harmony Sporthorses, Lemmy's owners. This pair is highly successful from the stand and could immediately win several advavnced S-dressage competitions. Scuderia will also focus on his sports career in the future. He is already advanced S-successful.












July 27, 2016  was a very sad day for us. Our Davignon died at the age of 28 years. To the last he was top-fit ​​and enjoyed his daily course in "his" paddock. Davignon was a symbol of the rise of our station. He leaves more than 100 placed horses on advanced level. But in times of hard times, it is always important to look ahead. And with Daytona and Don Allegro the next generation of hopeful dressage stallions for our breeders is ready.

The Festhallen Turnier in Frankfurt was the year end and the sporting highlight. In the Louidor prize final for Germany's best Grand Prix junior, Susan was able to defend her podium spot already won last year with Harmony's Fiorano. With an excellent third place with almost 73%, Harmony's Don Nobless once again drew you attention.

On Dec 28, 2016  Susan will again travel to Wellington-Florida with four horses to advertise for our stable and horses of our region.

We would like to thank our employees for the great work they have done and for all our breeders and customers for their trust in us and wish you a happy 2017 with happiness and health in the house and stable.















Ingo und Susan

and the entired Team






Dec 18, 2016     Frankfurt


At the Festhallen tournament in Frankfurt, Susan and Don Nobless reach an excellent 3rd place in the final of the Louisdor Prize with 72.82%.



October 29, .2016     Hanoverian Licensing Verden 

We proudly present our new breeding stallion. From the very first moment this stallion fascinated us with his elastic movements in trot and canter combined with an excellent walk.



September 29, 2016     Great Start 
for Michael Klimke riding Lemony's Nicket (Owner Harmony Sporthorses)! A super 3rd place earning 70% in the PSG at the Ankum horse show.



September 29, 2016     Hanoverian Licensing

Under the participants of the main licensing are some offspring of our stallions. Many congratulations to the breeders, the fingers are crossed for positiv results.


No. 17 Desiderio - Weltmeyer

Breeder / Owner  Klaus Michaelis, Basdahl



 No. 23 Don Nobless - Florencio I

Breeder Konstanze Brunecker, Santiago de Queretaro,Juriquil Mexiko, Owner BG Pape & Beckmann, Hemmoor



 No. 24 Don Nobless - Fürst Heinrich

 Breeder Martin Otten-Willers, Kutenholz, Owner  Ignaz Berger, Sulzbach-Rosenberg




No. 86 Scuderia - Davignon

 Breeder Jan Schomaker, Wischafen Owner  Ralf Hartmann & W. Koppelmann, Warendorf




September 21, 2016     Elite Foal Auction Sweden

this son of  Don Nobless - Rousseau is part of the collection




September 14, 2016     Rocco Granata's offspring

His foals left a very good impression at our foal show. Here a pretty daughter out of a  San Remo mare




August 22, 2016     Dobrock 

What a great week end at the Dobrock competition in Wingst!
Our rider Lena Stegemann could win  with our breeding stallion Rocco Granata the Dressurpferde-L with a great score of  9,2. Further she was no 3 with Leocadio (owner Harmony Sporthorses) on advanced level S3 and reeached place 4 in St. Georges.
Our rider  Jamie Szestopalow achieved with Supertramp (owner Lynne Crowden) place 2 in dressage on medium level.
Our friend and guest Michael Klimke, who competed the first time at the Dobrock, won with Royal Dancer  Intermediare I and reached place 3 in Intermediaire I Kur to music. Michael took place in the saddle of Djamba Djokiba for his first Grand Prix and reached an outstanding 6. place. Many congratulations! 
In his first Grand Prix started Harmony's Don Nobless and was reserve winner only a few points behind his stable neighbour  Harmony's Fiorano who won this competition. 
Hamrony's Fiorano was in Grand Prix Special the clear winner with  71,9%!
And at last was Lena Stegemann awarded as most successful dressage rider at the Unterelbischen riding club!
It could not have been better !!!



August 04, 2016     Herwart von der Decken Show Verden 

Our mare Sangria (by Scolari) reached place 3 in her round and also our two other mares  Que Belle (by Quasar de Charry) and Letizia (by Lemony´s Nicket) could reach good rankings in a hard competition. We are very pleased about this success!






August 02, 2016     Foals  in Höven

Scolari's offspring convince since years. As foals and also later under saddle. Look at this eyecatcher!




July 28, 2016     Unforgetable







July 27, 2016     R.I.P.  Davignon

Today is a sad day for the Pape stud. Our Davignon is no longer alive. In the morning he went satisfied in "his" pasture walk and no one suspected that it would be the last time. Actually a great end for such a special horse and still strikes us all hard in the family and the staff of the farewell. The name Davignon is closely linked to the rise of our stud and the name of Günter Pape, who discovered him. Davignon leaves more than 100 sport horses placed on advanced level and more than 30 licensed sons. He stood at stud up to the age of 23 and was 28 years old.



June 19, 2016     Results Foal show


Winner older foals

Colt by Rocco Granata - Der Lord

Owner Rene Janzen, Wischhafen


Reservewinner older foals

Colt by Don Nobless - Scolari - Werther

Owner Dres Eva & Uwe Pape, Hemmoor


3rd Place

Colt by Rocco Granata - Fürst Nymphenburg

Owner Heinz Saborowski, 21775 Ihlienworth


Further foals

Colt by Libertad - Hampton

Owner Sylla Holtkamp-Endeman, 21729 Freiburg


Filly by Don Nobless - Fidertanz

Owner Harmony Sporthorses, USA


Colt by Don Nobless - Scolari

Owner Michael Klimke, 48143 Münster


Colt by Callahos Benicio - Scolari

Owner Ingo Pape, 21745 Hemmoor



Winner younger foals

Colt by Don Nobless - Stedinger

Owner Uwe Wichers, 21789 Wingst


Reservewinner younger foals

Filly by Dancing World - San Remo

Owner Ingo Pape, 21745 Hemmoor


3rd Place

Filly by Callahos Benicio - Diamond Hit

Owner Martin Otten-Willers, 27449 Kutenholz / Mulsum


Further foals

Colt by Libertad - Rotspon

Owner Reiner Lühmann, 21726 Hagenah


Filly by Don Nobless - San Remo

Owner Kai Ehlers, 21729 Freiburg


Filly by Desiderio - San Remo

Owner Ingo Pape, 21745 Hemmoor


Filly by Don Nobless – Diamond Hit

Owner Martin Otten-Willers, 27449 Kutenholz / Mulsum


May 27, 2016    Qualification for the Bundeschampionat
Great success for Lena with her young smashers. In the 5-y class was Rocco Granata second with 8.2 - barely beaten by the Federal Champion of 2015 Lord Wood's Dancing Diamond. In the 6-y class she was the proud winner with a strong lap on Don Tojamo, scored with  8.4. WARENDORF, here we come!


May 22, 2016     Ridinghorse competitionn at the Kehdinger Reitklub
In Freiburg / E.  our rider Bronwyn Cash could win the competition with mare Deidre by Damon Hill - Davignon with a 8.0.


May 21, 2016     Tournament Stubben

Today Lena won with Rocco Grannata the DPF L (dressage horse L) with 8.0



May 20, 2016    VNDE - the 4th edition
Preparations are in full swing. From 23.-26. June we will align with our partner Mathieu Beckmann again selling days in Switzerland. Venue will be the beautiful grounds of Barbara von Grebel in Grüningen. The collection will be provided in the next few days on VNDE online. Have fun while studying the horses!


May 15, 2016     Gestenseeth
Perfect tournament debut for both of our VNDE Stars! In a with more than 20 horses very well occupied dressage horses A for four year old horses, Lena could secure with Fleetwood and Prince Douglas with 8.2 and 8.1 the victory and Reserve Champion. A great proof of quality for our VNDE collection.

May 15, 2016    Gestenseeth
Dancing World and Susan win another S dressage. 72% was the impressive result for our first seven year old stallion.



May 11, 2016    Tournament  Anakenenhof
With a great 2nd place and a score of 8.2 to Lena could qualify with Don Tojamo in the six years class for the Federal Championships, Bundeschampionat Warendorf.


May 08, 2016     Sittensen
Our horses succeeded at the tournament of Sittensen with a really nice season opener. Deidre by Damon Hill - Davignon was with Bronwyn second in the dressage horses A. In the dressage L Jamie was with Devalero by Diamond Hit, which is one of our VNDE collection, also second. Close behind was ranked as the third again  Bronwyn with Bourani of Belissimo M - Davignon.

May 08, 2016    Hamburg
Two great tests of Susan and Fiorano at the Hamburg Derby. In CDI **** Hamburg, the two managed a superb 4th place in the Grand Prix and a fifth place in the special, with just under 70%. Keep it up you two.

April 11, 2016     New videos online


Don Nobless




Rocco Granata


April 09, 2016     Wonderful Success

Dancing World wins in Osterholz-Scharmbeck the M ** and the St. George Special. It was his first start at this level, and we very pleased and a little proud of this great success! 





April 08, 2016     Lemony's Nicket in the sport 

From today Lemony's Nicket is available only via frozen semen. He has entered the promotional hands of Michael Klimke and will now concentrate on his sporting career. 


March 04, 2016     Home again


An incredible show season in Florida has come to an end, taking home some unbelievable impressions. The horses were topfit and showed in all tests at their best. I thank Michael Klimke and Scott Hassler who helped me at every test during the warm up and I thank Susanne Hassler, Susanne van Baalen and Sabrina Gurtze, who organized everything behind the scenery. My special thanks ofcourse go to Leslie and John Malone who made my memorable stay possible.

Susan Pape

photos in the album Florida


February 26, 2016     Libertad clearly wins performance test 

In an impressive way and with the outstanding score of 9.03, Libertad has left in the first 50-day test all competitors far behind. He achieved for his Interieuer, character / temperament, willingness to perform, canter and of both test riders the ideal score of 10.0. Coupled with the fantastic impression of his first foals, 

we may look for a lot more from him in the coming years. 


January 17, 2016     Wellington 

Super start for Susan at the first tournament weekend.
A perfect start was Susan with her "boys" at the first measurement with the international competitors in Wellington, Florida - USA. She was placed in all strong field tests. Particularly pleasing was a victory in St. George with Samson, the victory in the Inter I the CDI Tour with Don Nobless with nearly 74% and the fourth place in the Grand Prix Special with Fiorano. This may go on like this!


January 11, 2016     Sallion Performance Trst  

Franz Ferdinand and Libertad during delivery in Adelheidsdorf and Schlieckau  


 Franz Ferdinand     Libertad